Madrid – 25th September

Every European Citizen should watch this video and see what has happened in Spain. If the financial politics cause state violence at this level, there is no sense in discussing the arguments anymore. What you see here is the defeat of reason and human values. The second country after Greece is facing a brutal reaction of the state at this scale. Continue reading

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From Porto to Lisbon (8)

Squat the world – A short introduction

Occupying a building probably seems to most people as something weird and criminal. To me it seems as something necessary which makes perfectly sense, especially in Portugal since there are many abandoned buildings. In present societies the social sphere becomes more and more commercial and the pressure to consume is more and more present. Staying in a building which is not used by the owner and creating an open space allows people to interact outside the conventions of a commodified reality. Exchanging skills, knowledge and things for free can become normal in a free space. People who cannot afford to rent a place to do art or teach get an opportunity to do something. In many cases the state and private owners do not use the space because there are no economic interests and possibilities to gain profit. In this article I will talk about two squats in Portugal. Continue reading

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Degrowth (7)

A documentary about the degrowth movement in France. It gives you an idea how the world could look like in the future. Different authors and activists explain their opinion in understandable ways. What they say sounds far away from the present reality. On the other hand it seems to be unavoidable to change the way we live and there are plenty of rational arguments that their proposals could work. Continue reading

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There is more Free Food (6)

After going dumpster diving on Saturday again I had to write a second article about this topic. The amount of food we brought home was just incredible. Calculated with minimum prices we got products at least for 75 euros. I did not expect at all to get so much food for free in less than 30 minutes. It seems like a bad joke. Beside the chips it is a healthy variety of vegetables and fruits. Continue reading

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Free food (5)

Stop wasting and start cooking

Two days ago I went the first time dumpster diving in Lisbon, which means to go to a supermarket and check out the garbage for vegetables, fruits, bread and so on which are still good. And it is quite incredible if you compare it to Germany with all the security cameras and fences. I went to the supermarkets in my neighbourhood to ask how it works. Some were saying I should talk to the manager, others told me to come when they close and some were claiming that they have to throw everything away. I went to one around nine in the evening. Me and a fifty year old guy searched the trash together. This is what I found in 15 minutes. Continue reading

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